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The following summarizes the teams that competed this year. We will flesh this out, and add detailed pages for each team as they provide writeups.

Teams default to being "Street" class unless they notify us that they want to compete in the "Pro" bracket.

Class Final Score Team Active Members CPU Cores
GPU Chips
Primary Tools
Pro 1,844,066 hashcat 26 ~240 ~90 hashcat, oclHashcat, custom management tools and scripts
Pro 1,642,556 InsidePro
Pro 585,618 RalphWiggumAllStars
Pro 420,977 john-users 8 16 - 300 (varied)
Pro 10,835 The hash runners
Street 363,280 cmu 7 262 18 John the Ripper, oclHashcat, hashcat
Street 313,961 shining ponies
Street 214,179 I cant Believe Its Not Butter
Street 160,530 brad
Street 157,459 RichRumble 1 24 0 John the Ripper, twofi, cewl
Street 114,807 VTSTech
Street 113,935 dcua
Street 26,207 A810D7D806F45BE6
Street 23,199 utter_bollocks
Street 21,794 C5EEBA07FBAC8848
Street 10,244 bill_e_ghote
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