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Contest Downloads

The contest files were made available for pre-download before the contest started; they are encrypted with strong random passphrases that were made public when the contest started.

Challenge files are the same between Pro and Street classes; password hashes are different.

Common Challenge Downloads Note, the VM is Challenge 1, which contains many hashes embedded throughout the system; see the Notes file.

The other file contains all other challenges - some encrypted files of various kinds, and some additional hashes.

Street Hash Downloads
  • CMIYC-2014_hashes_street.7z, 6 MB, md5sum cc7a75a66070d8ebf9b68fe0978bc271, passphrase: qPx2WJlQR3OnnQkhnBrOGQyZzCStGl5uUODQ1xn6bGGZE7YxlM4cDXII04Iw8vqm

Pro Hash Downloads
  • Per-team private links were emailed directly to each Pro team.
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